Dr. Thomas Agrait

VP Gov Affairs

Eng. Thomas H. Agrait, Ph.D.
“Coaching organizations and it’s associates in making skillful choices to reach their desired personal & business results.”

Thomas H. Agrait, president of

Lean Enterprise Consulting Inc. (LEC) is a leading provider of business improvement solutions utilizing actual science-based management methodologies. Comprised of management interventions, regulatory compliance supports, training programs, process improvement support, and supply chain solutions, LEC helps organizations detect/manage risk, performance and sustainability activities aimed to transform industry best practice into continuous search of excellence.


Our service portfolio includes:

  • Regulatory and Compliance Support
  • Manufacturing and Quality Engineering
  • Validation
  • Quality System Audit & Support
  • Clean Room Design and Support
  • Project Management
  • Alternative Energy Engineering
  • Lean Enterprise-Six Sigma Support & Training
  • Customer Engineering
  • Leadership / Culture Building
  • NeuroGneering

In order to deliver our top-notch services, every one in our teams SMEs are drawn from industry and have hands-on/real experience and up to date knowledge-based in the application of their specialist subjects. Our approach is to work closely with our clients during the complete cycle of the business improvement initiatives. Whether you want to fill a temp position, recruit new personnel, create some basic awareness of the need for continuous business improvement or implement a full blown or global corporate Lean Six Sigma initiative we would be pleased to discuss with you how we can help utilizing our bold and unique LSS – Neurosciences Tools. Our services are designed to align with the steps each individual clients needs to take to understand what is best practice, how to achieve it and ensure that it remains an ongoing habit.