Manny Colon, M.S.


As a bilingual planning and logistics expert, I excel at meeting complex and ever-changing needs at world-class organizations. My expertise is founded on extensive experience working for a major league sports team, where I direct dynamic planning and logistics initiatives across travel, hospitality, operations, and financial management. Consequently, I am the consummate multitasker, continuously making quick decisions to synchronize countless moving parts with precision and care.

My greatest strengths lie in my substantial leadership and relationship-building skills. I thrive on forging partnerships with high-profile organizations, senior executives, major league athletes, vendors, and diverse internal and external stakeholders. As I work with cross-functional teams, I do so as an enthusiastic leader, teammate, coach, and mentor. I also share my passion for sports management at numerous universities in roles as both an adjunct professor and guest lecturer.

With tremendous dedication to continuous improvement, my goal is to deliver exceptional customer service and creative problem solving to streamline operations, increase efficiencies, and maximize savings. Thus, I continuously strive to deliver strategic vision and relentless execution, working collaboratively and independently to drive organizational excellence.

Areas of expertise:
Planning & Logistics
Fluent in Spanish
Travel Planning
Financial Management
Financial Reporting
Public Speaking
Process Improvement
Team Building
Contract Negotiations
Coaching & Mentoring
Relationship Building