José F. Mendez-Mendez




José F. Méndez Méndez was appointed on August 2016 as President of the Ana G. Méndez University System (today Universidad Ana G. Méndez) by the institution’s Board of Directors. 

Upon assuming the presidency, he proposed to be an agent of change to promote a culture of innovation in its organization that is integrated by more than 2,000 administrative associates and professors and over 38,000 students in all its institutions in Puerto Rico and the Continental United States. 

With more than 30 years of professional experience, Méndez Méndez is a proactive leader, committed to maintaining the prestige of Universidad Ana G. Méndez as an innovative institution of great vision, sensitive to the development and welfare needs of the communities. Its strategic priorities include projects in the academic and research field, the integration of new technology in the teaching practice, learning and administrative operations processes, and international initiatives. 

He started his professional life as Executive Assistant to the General Manager of Sistema TV (Channel 40) in 1984, a station affiliated to the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). He later 

occupied several positions at the station, such as Associate Director for Programming, Programming Director, Administration Director, and Vice President and General Manager until 1998. In 2002, he was appointed as Director and later Associate Vice President for Corporate and International Affairs. 

In 2009, he became Executive Vice President. His responsibilities included the institution’s administration and public function and coordination with the Chancellors and Vice Presidents to evaluate, plan, expand, and develop the institution’s off-campus centers in Puerto Rico and the Continental USA. 

José Méndez-Méndez holds a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and now he is in the process of completing his doctorate in the same specialty at Universidad Ana G. Méndez Gurabo Campus.