Eliseo Sanchez


President of Happy Y.A.W.A

HAPPY Y.A.W.A. is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young adults with autism achieve independence and happiness. We want to make a difference in the lives of young adults with autism by educating society about what independence means for these young people. For our organization, independence goes beyond obtaining a job, it’s achieved only through the full realization of the YAWA’s in all facets of their lives. Our goal is to make young adults with autism HAPPY while they reach their independence.

Young adults with autism deserve to be HAPPY, while achieving their independence through different approaches in their lifestyle. This includes: enrichment and independent living activities, entertainment, socializing with peers, inclusion in activities of young adults without disabilities and employment, among others.

HAPPY Y.A.W.A. will help young adults with autism through their transformation from their parental homes to independent housing, from school to the workplace, from one setting to the other where they can live and become independent members of their community.