We represent the Puerto Ricans in South Florida

PROFESA is an association of experienced leaders representing the Puerto Rican community in South Florida, all coming together to create professional opportunities for our community. Our core values focus on the power of relationships and collaborations, together with cultural traditions allowing our members to share knowledge and experiences to become a stronger community.

Among our goals is to “profess” understanding and love for Puerto Rico, its culture, and the aspirations and potential of our people who have evolved from the humble “Jibarito” into a still modest but more educated, proud, and modern Puerto Rican professional.¬†

Founded in 1999 as an IRS 501C3 tax-exempt organization, PROFESA mission is to establish a platform that unites Puerto Rican Professionals through empowerment, networking, and service to the community. It also promotes cultural awareness and recognizes the contributions of Puerto Ricans in a wide array of private and public-sector endeavors.