Alliances for achieving our goals

There is no better way to advance our goals than the creation of alliances. From our beginnings, PROFESA has sought to unite and keep Puerto Rican organizations and institutions thriving and together for more than 20 years. In recent years PROFESA has established strategic alliances to advance the causes of the Puerto Rican community in Florida. There’s no doubt about the cohesiveness of the growing Puerto Rican community in Florida and its ability to work together and create opportunities for Puerto Rican businesses in Florida and Puerto Rico.


PROFESA has united efforts alongside the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce and the Southern Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce. These tactical alliances seek to promote businesses, entrepreneurship, and the empowerment of the Puerto Rican professional in Florida.


Also, since there are no professionals without an educational institution to nurture them. PROFESA and Ana G. Méndez University developed a strategic alliance in the area of Education. This alliance seeks to join efforts to provide new professional and academic opportunities for the Puerto Rican and Hispanic communities in the region and thus continue to contribute to the labor and economic development of the south of Florida.