Is an association of experienced leaders that represent the Puerto Rican community in South Florida, all coming together to create professional opportunities for our community. Our core values focus on the power of relationships and collaborations, together with cultural traditions allowing our members to share knowledge and experiences to become a stronger community. As a group, we strive to increase diversity with different pillars; Empowerment, Networking and cultural, in collaboration with number of entrepreneurs driving innovation in our community. Is the first Puerto Rican professional association in South Florida, established in Miami in 1999. Throughout our 17-year history we have constantly promoted our culture throughout the Latino community, encouraging our members to volunteer and engage on local charities and events. We have donated thousands of dollars to nonprofit organizations such as The Cancer society, The Alzheimer’s association, open doors to mentioned a few. PROFESA has also donated scholarships to South Florida students thru our non for profit events, experienced steady growth and demonstrated consistent value to our community. We aim to be the association of choice for companies seeking to hire and develop Latino talent.

The Puerto Rican Professional Association of South Florida (PROFESA), is an organization conceived on April 28, 1999, by a group of local Puerto Rican professionals in South Florida to fill a void in the Puerto Rican community and help strength the existing community organizations in the area. It was inaugurated on October 16, 1999, and in less than two years, PROFESA became one of the largest Puerto Rican organizations in South Florida and one of the most active in the community. Anchored on three pillars: Culture, Network and Empowerment, PROFESA?s "triad" guides the priorities of the organization.

The meaning behind the word PROFESA is as follows: "PR" stands for Puerto Rican, "PROFES" is for professional and the "A" stands for association. Although PROFESA is a Spanish word, it can be easily pronounced in both English and Spanish. More importantly, its meaning: to "profess", teach, or lead, is what we envisioned for our organization. Among our goals is to "profess" understanding and love for Puerto Rico, its culture, and the aspirations and potential of our people who have evolved from the humble "Jibarito" into a still humble, but more educated, proud, and modern Puerto Rican professional.